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Toxic Torts and Environmental Law

A toxic tort is a particular type of personal injury lawsuit in which it is alleged that the plaintiff was harmed by exposure to one or more chemicals. This exposure typically comes from chemicals found in pharmaceuticals, consumer products, or in the environment. Most toxic tort cases arise from exposure to pharmaceutical drugs or occupational contact, but can also be the result of exposure to environmental toxins in or near the home or workplace.

Environmental injury occurs when people are harmed by environmental toxins in the air or in drinking water. In recent years, personal injury and environmental lawyers have been filing an increasing number of environmental toxic tort cases related to hazards like gas leaks, mercury, lead, asbestos, benzene and common pesticides.

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toxic torts and environmental law

Occupational hazards resulting in toxic tort cases often arise because industrial and other workers are chronically exposed to toxic chemicals – more so than consumers and residents. Most of the law in this area arises from asbestos exposure. However, thousands of toxic chemicals are used in industry and workers in these areas can experience a variety of toxic injuries. While the general population may be exposed to trace amounts of thousands of chemicals in the environment, industrial workers can be regularly exposed to very high levels of chemicals placing them at greater risk for a life-altering disease.

Pharmaceutical toxic injury cases are most often mass tort cases. A popular drug may be consumed by thousands of people over a long period of time. These cases are usually litigated against drug manufacturers and distributors, and sometimes prescribing physicians. This type of toxic tort case is different from a medical malpractice suit in that the pharmaceutical toxic tort case is essentially a product liability suit with the defective product being the drug in question.

Consumer products litigation can encompass a wide variety of cases. Recently, the home has become a common subject of toxic tort litigation because awareness of the dangers of exposure to mold contamination, construction materials such as wood or carpeting treated with formaldehyde, and pesticides has been rising. Consumers have access to more information about the products and services they’re using on a daily basis. This can help in avoiding exposure to known hazards, but also makes it easier to discover previously unknown dangers and seek restitution when it is warranted.

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